The experience of using Valgus Pro

This story was told to Alessandra from Rome (Italy). The woman shared the challenges that prevented his daughter from living fully, as well as on the way of fixing Valgus Pro has helped to cope with all the difficulties.

The experience of the use of clearance Valgus Pro

A daughter was born a completely healthy child, but at 5 years old, she has already been given to the excess weight. The whole family rejoiced that the appetite is good, and in general all loved his cute cheeks chubby. A I was afraid, because she believes it is a problem. In the first class, we already standing on the account of the endocrinologist with the problem of obesity. Have been and the nutritionist, in a joint effort to overcome the excess weight, but the consequences remained. Due to a high load on the skeleton of the girl is developed, the section of flat feet.

As a problem with the deformation of the bones of the foot, prevented my daughter live

The pain in the feet and knees severely blocked, and we have suffered close to him. Walking with his peers was difficult, because of long walks and then returning to the cramps and severe pain, which didn't prevented him to sleep. But then, the problem of flat feet have the deformation of the big toe. A piece has increased over time, the girl even started to limp. Choose shoes that has been a real tragedy, in fact, the classical models of him did not come, he had to be made-to-measure shoes. The approach to the ball she started to have real tantrums. A little more, that she could not dance the waltz with all the classmates, and high-heeled shoes that she was contra-indicated.

As we have been able to overcome a problem with the bones of the legs

One day, when I'm sitting in the polyclinic in the queue at the reception to the orthopedist, talked with a mom. She has told that her son, joint problems, and I shared our diagnosis. Then she said that too suffered from the bone of the leg, and it has helped Valgus Pro. Well, I decided, why not try out the penalty of withholding is not a lot of money. Bought it, started wearing it, and after a few weeks, I noticed that the girl is going more exactly, she said that the little feet to get tired, and the pain is less intense. Physical exercise is a little reduced flat feet, and the port checker in a period of 2 months to restore a natural position of the thumb.

Finally we made for the daughter of the exception, and has bought the ball very nice shoes, let a little, but still the heel. Now, I advise Valgus Pro all of your contacts, in fact, the problem of the bone of the leg is a fairly common and very unpleasant. Perhaps, in addition to the age of adulthood for time to complete healing of the will be longer, but the fact that the thumb will return to the place, and the os to completely disappear, that's for sure. How grateful I am to this woman, as I said about the fitting Valgus Probut unfortunately, with it, and have not met. But she decided to write this notice, for may be, someone you make life easier.