Effective exercises when the hallux valgus of the foot

First the os that is on the sole of the foot only seems ugly, but over time it will be to hamper, to complicate the choice of footwear, if you continue to do nothing, the kicker will inflict pain and will eventually lead to disability.

The appearance of the thickening at the base of the big toe is a disease and, as such, it develops in several phases. If you start treatment at an early stage, the disease disappears, including through the use of conservative methods, among which their place and exercises of cones on the feet.

exercises in hallux valgus

Effective exercises when the hallux valgus of the foot

We have already spoken a lot with you on this problem of the stop of the foot as a deformity of the hallux the big toe, when the joint around him formed using bulge – bulge, which is acquired, as a consequence of changes of the joints of the foot because of loads of excess weight, wear uncomfortable shoes, and many other reasons. The treatment of the Hallux Valgus deformity will require you a lot of effort, time and a range of activities, which includes exercises in hallux valgus, as we now describe.

To prevent and to stop the evolution of the curvature of the joint and the appearance of a painful disease, and without attraction cones of big toes, the germans, the orthotic has been designed valgus orthopedic bus Hallufix, single cable clamps, ypravlaushiy the bad position of the joint and, with time, the bones of the big toe least. But, in order to accelerate the process and consolidate the results, as are measures to strengthen muscles and the arch of the foot. It is a complex exercise, is not complicated gymnastics, which is very effective when the hallux valgus stop.

  1. Thus, to perform a first exercise, lie on the floor on his back. Let's keep it simple and widespread enough for the activity "cycling". By mimicking the bike, the sweater sock feet to the front, when the foot moves of itself, and therefore, pulling the sock back, when the foot moves. No need to chat with the feet up, the legs should move parallel to the ground. Exercise perform 8 to 10 times.
  2. A few years will spend in a sitting position on the floor. Lean hands on the floor behind him, legs extended. Now alternately fold and unfold the two legs. Follow the steps from 7 to 9 times.
  3. The position is the same. Actively plant the fingers on the legs as much as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds and return your fingers to the origin. We do 8-10 times.
  4. The position is the same with a focus hands in the soil. Press the toes of the feet and do this with out your their sides, as in the previous year. So make need to 6 times.
  5. Now, sitting on a chair. It is necessary to move the soles of his feet, making use of your fingers to the front and in the same manner to move backward. Do the exercise up to 8 times.
  6. And the closing of the exercise in a sitting position on a chair. Hold a pencil or a pen between the first and the second finger on the leg. Now, make a circular motion them from left to right and then in the opposite direction. If you get bored just drawing in the air circles and shapes, you can make the letters of the alphabet, or even to draw in pencil on whatman.
  7. The latest complex exercise is a gym for the standing position. Walk alternating between the socks, raising his arms up, on heels, hands on the sides, on the outer edges of the feet. When the bone can't walk on the inner edges of the foot. And the fourth exercise extend your arms forward and walk, of the top by lifting up the knees.
  8. And the most efficient of the financial year, compared to pitted, which is no longer in the complex. Pull the legs straight, you sat on the floor, on a chair, at your convenience. Pull on themselves first, up to the stop of the ankle in flexion, and then the big toe, feeling this joint, which we're working on now. The second part - pull the foot itself, like a ballerina, and the extent to which bend the fingers, focusing on the great.

In addition to these exercises of cones of big toes often made in the summer, barefoot, on the sand, the grass, the pebbles, in the cold of the house on the socks, the heels, on the outer edges of the feet. Still very good, sitting in front of the television, the rolling of the feet with the and several of their parts (outside, heels, socks) spike a ball or a roller. During the installation of the flat feet you can't roll the rolling pin, it is necessary to retain it.